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Cloning Legislation
The U.S. Congress and numerous state legislators have all introduced measures in recent years that would require more information about products from cloned animals. These bills were prompted by concerns about the FDA's plans in 2006, and subsequent decision in 2008, to allow food products derived from cloned animals and their offspring to be sold to the public, without labels. Over 95 percent of cloning attempts fail, causing tremendous animal suffering and raising questions about food safety. Furthermore, consumer polls repeatedly show that roughly two-thirds of Americans oppose animal cloning and most would not knowingly buy cloned foods, regardless of safety. These federal and state initiatives are critical for protecting consumers and animals.

With passage of two different pieces of federal legislation in December 2007, with bipartisan support, Congress has clearly voiced its concerns about cloned foods and its desire that the moratorium on animal cloning be maintained.

  • S 414 Cloned Food Labeling Act.
    Sponsor: Mikluski (D-MD). Co-Sponsors: Boxer (D-CA), Sanders (D-VT).
    Status: Introduced 01/26/07 and referred to the Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions.

  • HR 992 Cloned Food Labeling Act.
    Sponsor: DeLauro (D-CT). Co-sponsors: 20 co-sponsors.
    Status: Introduced 02/12/07, referred to the Subcommittee on Specialty Crops, Rural Development, and Foreign Agriculture (03/02/07).







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