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Recent Developments
AAVS is taking the lead to protect animals from the suffering caused by cloning, because cloning is about more than just food safety. We are employing a strategy that involves scientific argument, grassroots advocacy and education, and legislative and regulatory action to ensure that animal welfare concerns are recognized and addressed, and that animal cloning is banned.

Here are just some of the things we have been working on:
  • Testimony submitted in support of Maryland House Bill 1499 to label food from cloned animals and their offspring - March 2008
    AAVS submitted testimony to the Maryland House Health and Operations Committee in support of House Bill 1499, sponsored by Delegates Boteler, Aumann, Frank, Impallaria, Kach, Niemann, Shewell, Stein, and Weir, to label food containing products from cloned animals or their offspring.

    AAVS Testimony in Support of MD House Bill 1499

  • Congressional briefing on animal cloning - February 2008
    AAVS presented at a briefing on animal cloning to educate Congressional members about the animal welfare and ethical concerns associated with cloning and the need for legislation.

  • Animal Groups Condemn FDA Endorsement of Animal Cloning - January 2008
    Animal Groups Say Greenlighting Production of Cloned Animals for Food is Irresponsible and Unethical; Research Finds Cloning Detrimental to Animals' Well-being.

    Farm Sanctuary, the nation's leading farm animal protection organization, in association with the American Anti-Vivisection Society (AAVS), the oldest organization in the nation dedicated to ending experiments on animals, denounced the Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) decision to endorse the sale of cloned animals and their offspring for food.

    Press Release: Animal Groups Condemn FDA Endorsement of Animal Cloning

  • FDA approves use of cloned animals and their offspring for food - January 2008
    Despite strong opposition from Congress, animal welfare and consumer advocacy groups, the dairy industry, and the public, the FDA released its final risk assessment on animal cloning on January 15, 2008, approving the sale of cloned animals and their offspring for food. A moratorium on cloned animals, but not their offspring, is to remain to "help the market transition."

    FDA Press Release: FDA Issues Documents on the Safety of Food from Animal Clones

    FDA Risk Assessment: Animal Cloning - Final

    FDA Risk Management Plan

    FDA Guidance to Industry

    Other information from the FDA on animal cloning

  • Letter sent to FDA urging agency to maintain moratorium on animal cloning - December 2007
    AAVS joined with several other animal protection and consumer groups to send a letter to the FDA expressing our concern about the FDA's plans to announce by the end of the year that animals can be cloned for food. In light of the pending legislation and overwhelming public opposition to animal cloning, we urged the FDA to respect the will of Congress and the public and maintain the moratorium on cloned foods.

  • Consolidated Appropriations Act passed with language to delay cloning decision - December 2007
    AAVS is pleased to report that Senator Barbara Mikulski (D-MD) has also worked with Democratic and Republican leaders of the Appropriations Committee to ensure that language was included in the Consolidated Appropriations Act (H.R. 2764) that encourages the FDA to delay a decision on animal cloning and requires the agency to enter into an agreement with the USDA to conduct a study on the domestic and international trade economic impacts that could result if cloned animal food products are permitted to be commercialized. The bill has passed both the House and the Senate.

    FDA Urged to Respect Will of Congress and Maintain Moratorium on Cloning

  • Farm Bill Passed with Amendment to Extend Moratorium on Cloning - December 2007
    AAVS worked closely with Senators Barbara Mikulski (D-MD) and Arlen Specter (R-PA) on passing an amendment to the Farm Bill (H.R. 2419) that requires the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to delay issuance of its final risk assessment on animal cloning, expected by the end of December 2007, until the human health, animal health, and economic impacts of cloning can be studied.

    FDA Approval of Clones Stalled by Passage of Mikulski-Specter Amendment in Farm Bill

  • Comments submitted on the FDA's Draft Animal Cloning
    Risk Assessment
    - May 2007
    AAVS's comments include a detailed scientific analysis of over 700 pages of data demonstrating the serious and frequent nature of animal health risks associated with cloning, and argues for a ban on animal cloning.

    Comments on the FDA's Draft Animal Cloning Risk Assessment: Animal Health Risks

    AAVS also worked with other groups to encourage members of the public to voice their opposition to animal cloning.

    Press Release: Consumers Flood FDA with over 145,000 Comments Opposing Food from Cloned Animals

  • Spring issue of the AV Magazine dedicated to animal cloning issues - Spring 2007
    The magazine is a resource of information on animal cloning and its different applications.

    Double the Cruelty: Animal Cloning Casualties

  • Public outreach conducted at the Farm Animal Forum - April 2007
    AAVS was a major sponsor of Farm Sanctuary's Farm Animal Forum in Philadelphia and provided attendees with information about animal cloning and ways to get involved.

  • Report published on cloning and animal welfare - December 2006
    AAVS's report provides background information on cloning, the animal health problems caused by the cloning process, and the ethical concerns related to cloning animals for food.

    What About the Animals? The truth about cloning animals for food

  • Survey commissioned on animal cloning - December 2006
    An independent polling company conducted a survey for AAVS to gauge consumers' attitudes towards animal cloning. The survey revealed that the vast majority of Americans are opposed to animal cloning and want the government to consider their ethical concerns.

    Press Release: FDA Gives Green Light to Cloning Animals for Food Despite New Survey Indicating Overwhelming Public Concern

    Full Report of AAVS Animal Cloning Survey

  • Legal petition filed with the FDA to regulate cloned animals - October 2006
    Numerous groups joined with AAVS to petition for the establishment of a committee to advise the FDA on the ethical considerations (including animal welfare) related to animal cloning. The petition also requests the FDA to require that cloned animals satisfy stringent regulatory requirements for safety before being granted approval, and calls for a mandatory moratorium on cloned food products in the interim.

    Summary of the Petition Seeking Regulation of Cloned Animals

    Full Text of the Petition Seeking Regulation of Cloned Animals

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